Parker, AZ wheeling trip campsite detail.

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    Here is the scoop. I called every campsite I could find on the internet and it boils down to two sites in Parker that I can find on the internet, I called everyone and it sound like the winner is:

    River Island State Park, the have tent sites and facilities. Including showers and restrooms, camping is on grass, but it's first come first serve.

    The have over 40 sites available and it's right on the Colorado River. Sounds like a good place based on what a few of the people I talked to on the phone said.

    The fee is $14.00 per vehicle per day. No additional charge for additional people, at least they did not say there way.

    Here is the site link, River Island State Park

    The weather is between the 70's and 80's in the daytime, and between 40 to 45 at night. So bring your jackets.

    They don't allow open fires without a container, either a fire pit or a fire ring. So we need to come up with something for fires in the night time.

    We have a run scheduled for Thrusday, Friday and Saturday.

    Call me with any questions.

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