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    I know this has been discussed b4, but a search didnt yield the answer for me. When I went from 4" to about 5.5" of lift on the rear of my rig, I found the drivers side e-brake cable to put pulled up against the spring....its to short. Can I swap in pretty much any e-brake cable? ie, ford super cab? 'burb? anything? If not, which rigs should I be looking to to raid for parts? I have half ton axels...are e-brake cables compatible from diff axels/drums? As always, *any* info is greatly appreciated!


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    A cable is a cable. If you can find one that is the right length and can be made to attach in a manner that wont leave you second guessing then go for it. The 1/2-1 tons cables I've encountered didn't appear to be any different other than the length for the specific application.

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