Part Time Conversion Kits (Which One?)

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    Supper winch makes a kit and Mile Marker also makes one.
    Which of these are you running and how do you like them?
    Do they improve gas milage that much?Need some info the 75 I just got is full time so I'm new at the 203 game,any info would be helpful.Thanks
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    The superbitch kits stinks. Both MT pockets and I had to replace them.
    Mile marker makes 2 kits. One comes with a ew tail shaft assmembly and it the better of the two. It's pricy. The other is a set of tabs that replaces the side gears in the center diff. It's half the price of the other kit. I have ran the cheaper kit for 3.5 years and it's been fine.
    FAIR WARNNING. you must put it in high lock every couple of hunderdmiles to get oil slung into the back of the case. You fail to do so it will fry the tail shaft bearings.
    Also when you install these kits it comes with shims for the tail shaft. you have to take the short section of the cone off to install these. People make big mistakes and put these under the yoke and tear up the case. The instructions are not very clear where they go so remember that.
    Before you install the rear drive shaft you need to put the case in loc with the hubs unlocked and put it in drive and let it idle for a couple minutes. This will refill the resivior. then check your oil level again. You will need to add about a quart.

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  2. Thanks,I know very little about the 203's.Can this be done with the case still in the truck?
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    Yes, it can be done with the TC in the truck. It's about a 2-3 hr job total.

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  4. I talked to the local shop on the phone,he ask if it was a first or second designe?WTF Any clue to what he's talking about?
    He said the cheep kit would'nt fit the 1st designe?
    Any ideas?
  5. Does it help that much on fuel milage?

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