Parting out my 383 SBC

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by TopOff, Dec 6, 2003.

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    Heads - I think they are 886 heads (76cc) smog heads. They are still at the machinists. They need exhaust valves, guides, and springs(50 lbs over). The exhaust seats are hardened. The intake valves, guides and springs are good for mild cams. Make me an offer.

    High volume oil pump. w/ tacked on pickup screen. $? was pushing just over the 3/4 mark above 1500 rpms when it was 180 degrees.

    383 rotating assembly - Crank, rods, KB pistons (.030). with 76cc heads these pistons make 9.6:1 compression.
    I also have the appropriate dampner. This assembly w/o the dampner goes for $749!
    I would like to get $550
    *This was all checked by Aaron's Machine Shop in Roseville, and it all checked "OK".

    HEI Distributor. (non-computer) Good shaft (not loose). Custom springs and advance kit ($20 right there) Good module - factory looking coil - make offer?
    Or trade for a Computer HEI

    Additional HEI module (non-computer) no coil make offer

    Adjustable vacuum advance - $20

    4 bolt main block clearanced for a 383- crack on starter ear, crack in the lifter valley machinist say "$325 to fix the cracks and deck."- $5?

    Crane 1:5 full roller rockers with roller tips - 3/8" roller fulcrum rockers - Lists for $179 in Summit sell for $125.

    Edelbrock RPM performer aluminum (w/ egr block off) manifold. lists in Summit for $145 $100

    Camshaft NIBCrane PowerMax 260 camshaft with lifters...NEW IN THE BOX! $120

    Looking for trade of BBC brackets and headers, maybe an intake manifold.
    Also looking for a computer controlled HEI and knock sensor (circa 1989 truck).

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