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    Found this thread on the Jeepswb bbs.

    Maybe I will be getting my 9012s!

    Posted by RogerK68:

    For those of you who don't know, is having an introductory 25% off on almost all of their
    parts. The only thing not covered is oil, antifreeze, and cyl. heads. Their category search is pretty lame though. The best
    way to do it is by part #. I was able to locate some RS9012's, a 14" K&N, new steering wheel, and a Hi-Lift that didn't come
    up any other way. Most of the prices are cheaper before the 25% off than alot of other places.

    Durant, Ok
    '79 Blaze- 350/350/203, 14B w/detroit, D44, 4.11s, 4" susp, 36" TSL

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