Parts for sale and driving OR to ID memorial weekend.

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by 55Willy, May 19, 2004.

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    I'm heading back to the folks to get a few things for my apartment and I will be able to transport a few items if need be. I will be leaving Idaho friday the 28th and driving back to Idaho on Sunday nite the 30th.

    heres what I have for sale:
    1978 3.73 14FF $150
    6" Trailmaster SSV front shocks $50/pr
    4" Trailmaster SSV front shocks $45/pr
    4" Trailmaster SSV rear shocks $45/pr
    56" Rear 3/4 ton springs $40/set
    52" Rear 1/2 ton springs $40/set
    Pre Runner front bar $55
    York 209 model $35
    Shock boots(6 blue-6 black) $3/each
    Suburban 2nd seat brackets $40

    My route is I-84 to Hiway 20 to 97 to 58 (return is same route)


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