Parts in Yuma Stereo, Axle Stuff. More

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by Seventy4Blazer, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Apr 21, 2001
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    <font color="orange"> all parts pluss the ride. my ZIP is 85364 </font>
    Stock D44 tie rod good spare. 15 pluss the ride

    stock alum. manifold off an 86. for Q-jet. 20 dollars.

    TH350. blown front pump replace the front pump and drive it from what the tranny guys says. no shipping. can deliver. 50 dollars. <font color="red"> sold</font>

    203 to TH350 adaptor great shape 25 plus the ride. <font color="red"> pending</font>

    465 conversion stuff. BH, Z-bar, Pedals, Linkage. 100.00 plus the ride.

    Brake boosters, 2. 5 dollars. they worked when pulled.

    D44 open carrier, had 3.73's on it. 15 dollars, plus the ride.

    D60 dual steering stabilizers. 20 dollars.

    74 Blazer Tail gate hinges. 5 dollars.

    Stock Distributor. 5 bux

    brake caliper brackets for 1974 D44. 20 dollars set

    Front end clip off a 76. 50.00 incompleete, has some dents, no shipping.
    <font color="red">

    Aiwa CD player. Brand new in the box. last years model. 180W model number CDC-X227 see it here
    100.00 plus the ride

    i want/NEED to get rid of this stuff, also need the money.
    i need a Head stud kit for my 350 as well.
    im looking for trades. need push rods for a 5.7 liter motor with 1.6 rocker arms, factory rear roll bar, and MUCH MORE.</font>

    <font color="green">Pics Uppon Request </font>
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    sent you a pm


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