Party Ice Luge!

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    Party Ice Luge

    Happy Trails!
    Party Ice Luge £9.95Approx. €14.60 or US$18.40 [​IMG] In Stock Delivery Time [​IMG]
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    If you're a party hearty sort, you're going to love the Ice Luge. But before you go out and buy a tea tray and a skin-tight lycra racing suit with matching Euro-moustache, you should know that this isn't that kind of luge. No, this particular luge is purely for partying purposes.

    That's right fizzy pop-pickers; the Ice Luge is a DIY version of those frozen ice sculptures you've seen at countless decadent soirees. You know, the ones where someone pours a shot of something potent into the top and it flows out the other end, nicely chilled, into a procession of waiting gobs. Silly? Yes. Puerile? Definitely. Spectacularly entertaining? Not half!

    [​IMG] Featuring two winding 'lanes' the Ice Luge is perfect for rowdy shindigs and it's guaranteed to add a slick touch to your parties. Better still you won't need to employ the services of a professional ice sculptor to begin luging your way to a top night in.

    All you do is fill the sturdy plastic mould with water and bung it in the freezer. In about 24 hours you'll have a whacking great frozen block containing two twisty-turny, undulating tunnels. Simply ease the Ice Luge out of the mould and position your frozen folly back on the up-ended tray, which, thanks to a pair of removable legs, doubles up as a stand. Your perfectly angled Ice Luge is now ready to use.


    Although alcohol is the traditional shot dispensed via luge, you can use pretty much anything. Coloured tipples work particularly well as you can see 'em flowing through the ice on their inexorable journey down. Needless to say the Ice Luge will be the centre of attention at any get together, and even though it's not as elaborate as some of the luges we've seen at P Diddy's do's, it's still the coolest party accessory in town. Best of all, whatever is poured in will arrive at the other end nicely chilled. So don't dilly dally: get ordering and prepare to chill and thrill guests with an Ice Luge. Ready, steady, glug!

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