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Patching hole in a tent...

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Capman2k, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Capman2k

    Capman2k 3/4 ton status

    Jun 22, 2001
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    So I have this little 2 person tent which is a joke... it's about big enough for me and maybe a backpack of stuff...

    Anyway, that's not my point... I was setting it up in the living room the other day to see if I could still have it set up minus stakes in under 3 minutes... it took me about 8 minutes, and I ended up pushing one of the poles through the tent itself... The frame is inside the tent, so there are little pockets for the poles on the inside, and I missed one and found out how durable my tent really is /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

    I'm planning on doing a lot of camping this summer, and most likely will be spending quite a few nights alone in the woods... There isn't any room for me to sleep in my Explorer with the subwoofers and storage boxes in the back, and I won't take my parent's huge tent unless there are 1 or 2 other people joining me...

    What's a good way to patch that hole I have?
  2. bnc04

    bnc04 Guest

    They do make patch kits vfr various tent materials. Typically coleman, or any sports store that carries tents will have them. However, if the tent is pretty cheap anyway, I'd either get a little better one with a good rainfly or patch the hole using duct tape on both sides of the hole. Ive used this many times on tents and rainflys alike.
  3. behemoth

    behemoth 1/2 ton status

    May 16, 2000
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    Northwest Florida
    Duct tape holds the world together !! /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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