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    (Reuters) - The online
    personal ad reads nicely,
    describing a
    world-traveler and
    scholar who loves
    cooking, water sports,
    yoga and hiking.

    "Hi, I'm Bill. I'm
    compassionate, 6' 2" 200
    lbs. athletic guy who
    enjoys Mediterranean
    food, the poetry of Keats
    and Kavafy, and baroque
    music," says the ad,
    accompanied by a photo
    of a smiling,
    benign-looking fellow.

    What William Coday's ad
    doesn't say is that he used hammers to kill two ex-girlfriends.

    "I just find it very interesting that he chose to leave out some
    important details about his criminal history," Broward County
    prosecutor Chuck Morton, who helped convict Coday of murder in
    April, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

    The web site where the ad is posted offers potential pen-pals a clue -- Coday also offers up his inmate
    number along with a post office box.

    A jury convicted Coday, a former librarian in Fort Lauderdale, of
    first-degree murder for beating and stabbing his girlfriend, Gloria
    Gomez, after she broke up with him in 1997. According to trial
    evidence, Gomez had 57 wounds from the hammer and 87 stab
    wounds and gashes.

    The jury was not told that Coday was previously convicted of
    manslaughter for killing another ex-girlfriend in 1978 in Germany. He
    admitted using a shoemaker's hammer to beat her to death and served
    18 months in a German prison.

    The personal ad also didn't say that Coday is awaiting a sentencing
    hearing in June at which a judge will decide whether he gets life in
    prison or the death penalty.

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