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    Well I wasnt all that busy last saturday so I took some pics of the place I work to show my friends so I thought Id show all of you too
    First off this is the truck I usually drive at work 96 Chevy 3500 :D itll pull your house away :bow:
    Here is our Wrangler is what I use to load granular fertilzer into the bins
    Dap 18-46-00, Potash 00-00-60, and Urea 46-00-00
    Here is the fertilzer plant, the large black tanks for for Liquid 28% nitrogen, and the large white tanks is the Anhydrous Ammonia Plant
    Here is the alleyway inside I drive the wrangler in, I go from the bins to the left over to the Ranco Blender on the right, which has 3 bins for 3 products, to blend it all in. Can be kind of hecktick at times, pushing out 2 1/2 ton of product in a minute and each wrangler bucket is only 1 ton at best.
    Here are the controls for the Ranco, I just set the minutes and RPMs for each product and put the buttons out and let er rip
    Here is the rest of my office in all of its glammor :wink1: It only gets used for a couple months out of the year and its a high corrisive environment so not much is in there, That plastic bag is where the phone is, otherwise the fertilizer dust would destory the innards in less then a week most likly
    This has nothing to do with the fertilizer plant but this is the Flat which holds 2 million bushel of corn each year, Its 440 feet long and 80 feet wide I think, to give you a better Idea of it, those fertilzer buggys parked by it are about 8 to 10 feet tall and a little bit wider then a K5.
    And lastly as is my custom here is a lame wheeling pic

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