Pics from Slab Clean-up on 03/24/01

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    My son and I decided to make the 180 mi journey from Abilene, TX to Kingsland, Tx to join some friends from Austin at the Slab(Llano River) to do a clean-up. As with any planned out door event this time of year, mother nature always plays a big part. Numerous people didn't show up as planned because of the weather or various other reasons. We did meet up with fellow CK5 and members Phyte, Bowtie, and Big Dog.

    Since Phyte was ahead of the rest, we decided to cross the river and head up stream and the others would follow. I chose to follow Phyte since he has made several runs to the river and knows what paths to follow. The water is just deep enough to cover some very large, but smooth rocks. After the main crossing I visited with Phyte and he said the rest of the crossing were shallow and straigh across. After two more crossings Phyte headed across a somewhat large body of water that was very smooth. About 40' in the stock Cherokee took a "big gulp," and that was the end of our journey. I pulled Phyte out and he had to open the doors to let the rest of the river return to where he found it.

    We opened up the intake and found enough water to support a couple of goldfish. After checking the spark plugs, and distributor, Phyte was able to get things dried out enough to get it cranked with a jump from Big Dog. While this was going on the sky turned an omnius shade of black and the wind turned out of the North and made things rather uncomfortable. Well while the flash flood warnings went up, Mrs Phyte was grilling up a mean set of dogs and burgers. Well it was time to get out of the river, so we headed in. Again I followed Phyte out, other than stopping in the middle of the river to show off his flex on a very large rock, he almost made it out. Well one more quick pull and Phyte was back on dry ground. I suspect by the next time his Cherokee sees water over curb depth, it will be slightly lifted and have some where to hook a tow strap. It gets a little hairy when you have to hook up to a guys axle to pull him out. For my son and I it was a fun trip and we can't say enough good things about the Jimmy. It was a 400 mi round trip, highway speeds up to 75, running around in water and sand, and hit the road home again without a bobble. Damn I love that Jimmy. Check out a few pics on our Photo3Page on our web-page.


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