pics from vacation oin old stuff

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    in front of their 100 year old permastone home, they had it moved 60-70 miles to move it to where it now sits.. its a very neat old house. on my left is my great aunt and uncle, both served as dallas police and have been married for 50 plus years, the great grandfather is 88, , lost the wife just a while ago and were married almost 70 years, he was texas highway patrol and served our country as well. he is a wonderfull man and i am really glad i decided to go see him. he cried when we left and it really touched my heart. just a wonderfull honest good man.

    these tools are from various dates, but alot of them are from before when they still had square bolt heads, they are in wonderfull shape.

    nothing fancy, but a chair my great grandther has sat in since he was a kid, he still sit in it every morning facing the warm sun while drinking his morning coffee. he said the chair came from his grandfather and has been painted many times. the hyde is from a dear my great grandfather shot years ago.:laugh:

    my great grandfather told me this anvill, was made from a piece of old style rail road track,
    by my great, great grand father!:eek1:


    is is my grandfather "not pictured" second cabin in bontum "Sp" texas near the pan handle he has ten acres and put a nice triple wide modular home on it. he said only 1 or 2 cars pass by it a day, the place is very nice and peacefull.

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