pine hill tavern tonight 6/23 hot wings all you can eat

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RootBreaker, Jun 23, 2005.

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    aight so I got a hankin and going out tonight for all you can eat wings....
    $7.00 per person
    $5.50 per pitcher of beer - BIG OL PITCHERS TOO


    myself, son - wife show up after finals at "Blackwood U"
    Dave - the one selling truck for $600 in f/s section
    bud and wife - Rob and Nicole
    Told GotSmoke so dunno if he will

    anyone else interested?
    if too many people I need to call them to let them know to get the wings out of the freezer...

    they used to have the best dayumn wings around.... well for all you can eat....
    we used to go every other thursday.... for years... but service went down and time between batches went down so we stopped for a while... started going back and wings were good again...

    havent been there for about 6 months so trial again...

    however if they suck.. we can goto Irish Pub on the tracks near clementon park

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