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    Welcome To's Garage forum

    If you are visiting for the first time and a Non-Member please post all general tech questions here, it is a fast moving forum so please check back often to read the answers that others are sure to leave.

    If you are an official CK5 Member you will have the added benefit of posting questions in category specific forums which is highly recommended, this will allow other Members including yourself to easily find and answer your questions quickly.

    Not sure where to begin, the best place to start would be with the Search Link. Your question has probably been answered many times and is just a few clicks away.... Honest.

    Thanks for following these few simple guidelines, with everyone’s cooperation CK5 will continue to be the most comprehensive GM resource on the net.

    Asking "how much is my part worth" type of posts could get moved or deleted, Members can simply post them in the for sale forum with a price, to get a value for parts the best thing to do is look through the for sale forum and and find simular parts and price according to what you find.
    To find the value of your truck you can do the same as above or look at sites like

    Business use:
    We have created a special Vendor Membership just for business use, more info here: Vendor Info

    CK5 reserves the right to change, cancel and alter said guidlines above at any time.
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