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    Welcome To's 1st Gen Tech forum.

    This forum is for modifications, Troubleshooting, Repairs or Maintenance for the '69-'72 models.

    Posts that do not fit this criteria could be deleted or moved to a more appropriate forum.

    Types of posts that are inappropriate for this forum would be, advertising items for sale, your latest run in with the law etc.. Posts like the link to that ungodly looking show truck with 12 chrome shocks with 44's on 10 bolt axles etc. should be posted in the "Garage" forum.

    Please be courteous of those that are trying to get answers for repair/tech problems and not clog this forum with these type of posts. Please use the Forum list and find a forum that would be more appropriate if your post will not be repair/tech/modification in nature.
    The Best place to start would be with the Search button. Your question has probably been answered many times....Honest.

    Asking "how much is my part worth" type of posts could get deleted, please simply post them in the for sale forum with a price, to get a value for parts the best thing to do is look through the for sale forum and and find simular parts and price according to what you find.
    To find the value of your truck you can do the same as above or look at sites like
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