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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wraenking, May 22, 2005.

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    tring toi sweat on a new spicket for my buddy with about a 5 foot piece of pipe attatched going into his house.

    i sweat the spicket onto the pipe while its outside fine, but when im connecting to the existing pipe, im having a small bead of water come out every time. i tr4ied stuffing some bread down the pipe to absorb it but still no luck. i am going to try to put an old licsence plate between where i am sweating and the sub floor cause im thinking im not getting it hot enough cause im afraid of burning the house down

    any tips please?

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    I'm not clear what the problem is. Are you getting a leak when you turn the water back on, is the solder not melting on the copper, is it balling up and rolling off the joint, is water coming up when you try to solder?

    It sounds like you have the spicket soldered to a length of copper pipe and you're having problems soldering that length of pipe to another with a coupler which is already part of the water supply. I'll give some basics which you probably already know.

    Sand both pieces of pipe to be soldered. Wire brush the inside of the coupler. Flux both pipes. Solder with silver solder for water supply ... don't use the stuff for drains and vents ... lead poisoning is no good :blush: .

    Open up the spicket that is already soldered to the length of pipe you are working with.

    If you are getting water at the joint when you apply heat, it will act as a heat sink and you'll never get the joint together. Try opening another faucet that is lower than the pipe you are working on to bleed off the excess water. If it is a slow leak that keeps producing water, the main valve may not be closing completely, try shutting the water off at the street. Opening a faucet that is lower than the pipe you are working on will aslo work as it'll give the water a place to bleed off other than your joint.

    The lic. plate is a good idea as to not burn anything.

    Hope this helps. If not, post up exactly what is happening when you try to solder.

    Eric M.

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