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    Local Police Notes from Colorado for your entertainment.

    ""While he delivered food to a house near Eighth and Marine streets, a restaurant worker's car was stolen about 1:50am. The car's owner chased the car, which stopped at Seventh Street. The owner pulled open the door and pulled the thief out of the car. The thief said, "April Fools," and walked away, the car's owner told police.""

    "A thief smashed in a warehouse door at the Boulder Country Club, 2020 Central Ave, between 3:30pm Feb 11th and 1pm Feb 12th, police said. A toolbox and tools valued at 27,000 were taken."

    "A 20 year old Boulder woman told police she received a phone call from the American Grant Information Center informing her she had received $5,000 grant. After she gave the company representative her bank account information, she learned no such company exists. The woman closed her bank account before she lost any money, police said."

    "A thief stole a collector's license plate from a 1951 Willy's Jeep on the 2200 block of Lincoln Street Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, police said"

    "Sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning, a thief broke into a tan Chevrolet Tahoe parked on the 1300 block of South Coffman Street and took two 12-inch speakers"

    "Two people used the same identification to enter Catacombs bar, 215 13th St, about 12:15am Saturday, police said. When security confronted the men, one man left the bar. The other man, a 22 year old resident, said he lost his driver's license while skiing in November and had since obtained a replacement. The person using his old driver's license was an aquaintance, police said."

    "Five men attacked a 23 year old Boulder man about 2:40am Saturday on the 1300 block of Broadway, police said. The men cut in line at a restaurant and the Boulder man confronted them about it. The men began to curse at and push the Boulder man then two started to punch him, he told police. The man's cellular phone was lost during the fight."

    "A thief stole a stroller from a front porch on the 1200 block of Monarch drive on Sunday"
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    i love it, i watch COPS all the time.:D :D

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