Poor Pathfinder.

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    I was out in the sand this weekend playing around when I came acrost some guy in a Pathfinder that was stuck. He explained to me that he and his frends (both in Toyota PU's) had been trying to get out for 4 hours without geting anywhare and while doing so broke his T-case. They wanted me to give it a try so I tuged on it about three times and just about had him out but he managed to get stuck worse because he dug himself down while trying to help (in 2wd) so we hooked my truck and a Toyota up and pulled him right out. I ended up draging him to the hard packed dirt so he could limp home. Why would his T-case break ?? I don't want that to happen to me !!
    I had never pulled anyone out until this, (made me feel good)

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