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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by CyberSniper, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Does anyone do this but me? Either I can't operate the search for beans or there aren't many pictures out there of people porting heads. I've only ported a few sets of late model 305 heads and this 3998991 350 head is quite a bit different.

    I don't have a matching head so I'm willing to hog it out and see if I can find a bandsaw to cut it to see how thin it got. There isn't a whole lot to do because other than some blending and moving the short side radius it was a pretty good head (not a lot of shift either). I was able to get 35 cfm out of the 305 heads but I think I'd be lucky to get 5-10cfm out of this 350 head.

    Anyone got pictures of any ported heads?


    We'll pretend that the class has grape juice in it. Not 3 year old grapes in the Merlot fashion of aging. /forums/images/graemlins/rotfl.gif

    350 head pictures here.
    Crappy 305 head pictures here.
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    I do mild porting, But "TRUE PORTING" will require a flow bench. Gasket match intake ports, clean casting in runners. Blend the bowls, and clean exaust runners. These are typical street jobs. I wouldn't go crazy hogging a head out. The larger the runners, the more RPM need to keep them working. In reality, a rough runner will help fuel vaperize, which is good for low/mid power. If you are really in need of a good flowing head, your better off buying new heads that are cast with larger/cleaner ports. The true cost of building a head, properly, usually is more than say buying a bare set of dart/world products steel heads. I used to do alot of porting and a buddy had a shop with a flow bench. In the 80's, So many new heads came on the market, That it wasn't worth doing anymore!

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