Posted in S-10 forum but figured I'd get better shot here

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by conoverbandit, Jan 11, 2004.

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    Posted in S-10 forum but figured I\'d get better shot here

    Hey Y'all,

    I got a 87 S-10 blazer, the 4x4 system has worked great untill today, When I tried to put in 4 lo all I got was a real bad grinding noise. I cut motor off, and shifted it again and cranked it back up still grinding, done this till I got really ticked at this thing and pulled the other blazer the best I could in 2x2. I finally got it to go into 4x4 by pulling the shift boot back as far as possible, and sliding the shifter all the way forward, then pulling it bak as hard as I could and it finally "caught" and worked, but it's never been hard to get into 4lo (I use it to pull with 4 hi it don't have enough get up and go) but anywho, got any ideas what might have went wrong? We've never really had any trouble from the 4x system on this thing. It's a 87 S-10 w/ 2.8 auto (700r?) has O/D, don't know much more than that lol, Got any ideas?

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