Power Steering Gear Adjustment

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by PGL4VT, Sep 7, 2002.

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    I did a search but it really didn't return anything specific. I'm trying to take some play out of my steering. Everything is tight so I thought I'd try the adjuster screw on the box itself. I loosened the lock nut and snugged the screw with an allen wrench but am I supposed to crank on it? Snug it only? Snug it and back off any amount? I'm not sure and don't want to mess up. I have a Haynes manual but for some stupid reason, it only explains how to adjust a manual gear (looks like a bitch on those). Help. Thanks.
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    B4 you play with the gearbox, think about

    Ball joints
    Wheel bearings
    Tie rod ends

    Particularly the tie rod ends. Jack up the front and give the steering bits a good wiggle -- you'll be amazed at the play you might find.

    I was amazed that my Burb drove home (previous owner didn't do squat to it in 170K miles, but change the oil. OK, the engine is fine ... but everything else needs work ;-)

    -- A
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    Adjusting that nut will not remove any play. It will only make the wheel harder to turn by placing more resistance on the sector shaft. I used to know what the proper adjustment for it was, If I remember I'll post back,

    Anyhow, I would check your rag joints, and the play in the collapsable shaft. This is the joint where two pieces meet and often gets worn and has play in it. Raise the front of the truck so the tires are just off the ground.Hold the bottom half and grab the top half and see if you can rotate the top half back and forth. (use a couple of sets of vise-grips if you need to) If you can rotate it AT ALL or see ANY play, the shaft is bad and needs replaced. ($200) These are often overlooked and the slightest bit of play in them makes the truck seem like all your steering parts are bad.. Aside from the usuals like the drag link and tie rod ends.

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