Power Steering Pump Differences

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    I had heard rumor that 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder PS pumps had different amounts of "assist" The other night, looking through my 85/86 C/K truck parts manual, I looked into that. They are NOT different those years depending on engine (250-454 IIRC) but they are different based on manual or auto trans. The housing and most internals are the the same, but the valve and pump rotor ARE different.

    Makes sense why my truck with a PS pump off an unknown vehicle has less assist than my dads. Might be something to consider, I assume you guys with big tires would want whichever gives more pressure.

    I can't figure out which would be higher or lower pressure, but I wonder if the manual has more pressure at lower RPM's, due to lower idle specs compared to an auto. trans.?

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