Power Steering Pump Leaking

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    Help, My power steering pump has been bleeding for about a week, I replaced it with a new one and today came out to a huge puddle!!
    What is wrong, the only thing I can think of is the plug on the back of the pump, it is the same bolt that tensions the whole unit. Replaced the pressure hose as well.

    Any thoughts? Is there another way to re-mount these without using that back bolt?

    '84 K5

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    Which back bolt are you talking about? The huge one where the PS hose connects to? You need that one for sure [​IMG]
    Or the other two smaller ones that bolt on the pump and goes through the bracket?? I would assume you need them in too. They help keep the reservoir attatched to the pump.

    When you replaced the pump, did you replace it with a new reservoir and pump??

    Any leaks from the gear box?

    Did you put the PS hose on the pump tight?


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    You need all of the bolts - it sounds to me like a thread leak. Put Teflon tape on all of the hose fittings and bolts going into the pump.

    If the shoe fits, get another one just like it
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