power steering woes.

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    I've got a problem. When I bought the truck the idiot cut the lines to see if the steering box would fit on his other truck. Now I've got the new pump and lines and the high pressure hose (my second one) doesn't work. The problem is the fitting on the steering box bottoms out and the metal pipe isn't bottomed out so no seal is created. I've tried several places but they all seem the same size. Maybe I've got it in the wrong hole. It's been raining for 2 days and I'll change them to see if it works. I've got the return on the hole closest to the input shaft and the high closest to the radiator. If there were more threads on the fitting it would work. I also looked at hoses for the 80's era but those had like an O ring seal. If you guys could help I'd sure appreciate it. I've got a 78 without the hydroboost brakes....

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