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    My drivers side power window quit working the other day, probably due to submerging it in mud half way up the door......but anyway.
    I'm just looking for some general info or advice on what is involved with the job. Also, it might not even be the motor (haven't even looked at it yet), anybody know of some basic items to check out first to confirm what is actually wrong?
    And last, is there a fairly easy way to get the window down without having the motor do it......the reason I ask is there is a trailride this weekend and really need the window down so I can look out of it and see where I am going.
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    chances are you got the power connector wet.It has probably corroded. Remove the connector and clean both ends, the motor and connector. It should then work.
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    You will need to get a hairdryer and dry upp that motor. I dont think there is any easy ways off getting the window to go down without actually tearing the inside regulator out. If you take out the regulator-scissor's the window will slide down to the bottom and should lay safe there while you wheel.
    I copyed something I answeared a while ago, but the idea is the same:

    I have had these doors open 3 times. My window was sloooooooow. so I tore apart the door and took out the regulator/motor and degreased it with a power-washer. Then I cleaned the gunk out of the motor, replaced everything with fresh grease. It flew upp and down.!
    Here's a step by step if it helps:
    1. Remove the door trim. the clips along the top of the pannel is best accesed/picked with a smal screw-driver. Dont worry about bending them they will still give a tight fit if you loose a couple..
    2. the biggest hole on the upper corner is were the regulator and motor enters and exits. Remove the bar thats infront of it.
    3. take of the 4 bolts/nut's holding the regulator(see pic.)
    4. now slide the regulator left-right to free it from the sash-channels.
    5 Twist it 90 degrees out of the hole.removing the electric connection when you have it upp from the dark alitle.
    6. Sling it on the grass like the snake it is. Get degreaser and a scrubb. Remove the motor. and get hosing!
    7. clean the connections. Put only the motor back on and testdrive it.
    The spiral-spring on the regulator could be rusted stuck. Soak it for a while til it snaps back..
    When you follow this it will become selfexplainatory(SP!) what is wrong. You will see chipped teeth or regulator out of sash-channel or bent from previous owner attempting something..or whatever.
    The stupidness off this patent is that rainwater, roaddust and wd-40 runs right on the regulator and motor. In 10-12 years it is a wonder it workes at all.

    Hope I helped some. If not feel free to e-mail me.

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