Prayers for Rhonda Vincent!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by diesel4me, Aug 4, 2005.

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    I was supposed to go see Rhonda Vincent in concert in CT tonite...but her shows have been cancelled!.. :frown1: .she collapsed at Denver airport a few weeks ago,she was on her way to Utah to do a concert--she was taken by ambulance to hospital,and treated for dehydration and exhaustion---after a few days rest,she returned to the road...but ended up in the hospital again,in illinois I think(her show that night was in IL)...

    I learned today on her website's message board she had to undergo surgurey on her lower intestines--they had to remove 30% of it! :eek1: :doah: :frown1: :frown1: ...I'm very worried about her!--as all of you know,she gave me a Ford Contour back in march at one of her shows I attended,after she read about me having a hard time taking care of my mom alone,and having only my old trucks to drive to her concerts,or my moms aging Caravan...

    Rhonda is one of THE nicest persons on the planet,and I'm pissed that it was her that had this happen too!--she is not only a great singer and musuician,but a wonderful personality as well...I probably would have gone to her show despite the fact I'm still recovering from bronchitis,had she been able to perform today!..but I will instead be on my knees,praying for a complete recovery for Rhonda!... :(

    I'm feeling like a jinx lately...both of my best friends died 13 years ago-I quit my job to help out at home,and spend 98% of my life savings doing so---my dad dies of parkinsons disease,and my mother sells the land he wanted me to have,and with my luck she'll give my younger brother everything when she the only person outside of my family that has been kind enough to help me out is lying in a hospital,with much of her intestines removed!....I wish God would have taken ME first.... :frown1: :frown1:

    I would appreciate any prayers you guys could send to Rhonda!.. Bob
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    i prayed for her friend at work had a similar thing happen last year.he went and got lunch from a local resteraunt and started getting sick(throwing up) soon after. GREG thought he got some bad food and left on the delivery.MIKE the guy driving called about 10 minutes later and said call an ambulance.GREG came back in the fetal position and they took him away.he ended up having a dead basiclly his poop was going everywhere but where it was supposed to. :eek1: ( we always wondered why his breath smelled)?it almost killed him but he's back and as strong as ever. so don't worry bro. :D daryl

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