Preparing for a 4"

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    Preparing for a 4\"

    Hey everybody..
    I'm receiving a rancho 4" (springs in front, blocks in rear till I can afford the shackle reverse) this May. I need to know what I will need to alter so I don't run into any surprises. Along with the lift I will be receiving a 4" steering arm and swaybar disconnects. I will be ordering the steering box brace as well. I plan on running 33" tires. Will I need longer brake hoses due to the disconnects? Will I need to shim the axles? I'm already planning on dropping the T-case with the factory spacers. I'm running 3.42 untill I eventually do an axle upgrade. Can ya'll think of anything else I might run into or need?

    89 K5 Silverado
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