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    I just looked at an 89 K5 Silverado. It has ac, 350cid auto trans, manual hubs and floor 4wd shifter,4:10 gears with 33's, 110k miles, needs tires, but has new paint, and no rust. I am tring to find out how much it is worth with the current problems listed below. I would also like to get an approximate cost to fix. I can fix most stuff my self.

    1) It has a leak somewhere around the output shaft. I think it also needs to have the driveshaft lengthed because it has a small lift kit.(But I don't think that should be the reason for the leak)
    2) The brakes pull like hell to the right.
    3) Some play in the steering.(looks like the steering arm between the steering box arm and the trailing link)
    4) Rear window will not work but the motor is working.
    5) No radio what so ever. But they did leave the holes in the back to put some speakers in. (LOL)
    6) How will the 4:10's with 33" tires work at 75-80 mph on the highway.

    It looks nice from the outside but is kinda beat up on the inside and he wants 5K. Is this to much? How much is it going to cost me to fix up?

    Thanks for the help in advance. I have been looking at these for years and just sold my 90 Suburban 4x4.

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    I bought my 89 Silverado K5 back in June. It had 104,000 miles, 15,000 on a new 350tbi, 700R4, 3.42 gears, stock tires (needed new tires), AC, Power windows, power locks, power tailgate, needed paint (Still does [​IMG]), Interior has a few stains on the carpet but no rips in seats or anything like that. Ran and drove EXCELLENT. I bought it for $3,800. It has very minor rust, pretty much the only place is right on top of the tailgate in one spot on each end. I received a heck of a deal on the blazer, The one you mentioned I would offer him around $4,400. Take into factor you need new tires and that kind of stuff.

    89 K5 Silverado

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