problems accelerating & top end

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    Aug 13, 2001
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    first off i put on some engine mods recently dual exhaust (flowmaster) hedman torque step hedders, holley manifold, k&n airfilter and rebuilt my carb.

    When i mash the pedal it stalls out (this was b4 all the mods as well) and when i got up to 65 it feels like its not getting enough gas and it slows down to almost 40 b4 i can put my foot on the pedal and have it accelerate it again but I have Gobs & Gobs of accelration power from 20-65mph.

    350, sm465, NP205, 14 Bolt w/Detroit locker(465 ratio), Dana 60 465, 38.5 swampers
  2. Sounds like too lean a mixture/ jets too small.

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