Procedure for removing rocker,floor pans,inner footwell & kicker panels

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    I have a bid to replace alot of rusted parts in the floor of my cab of up to $2000+. I talked to the shop & they are willing to talk me thru the grunt work of cutting all the plates out that need replacing. They reccomend I buy a 4" grinder & the obviously necessary parts so they can show me where to make my cuts. I hope to save $1,000 by doing so. Anyone with this kind of experience want to give advice to a novice. Would be kindly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    I am doing the same repair right now. I didn't bother getting any quotes because I knew they would be too high. So far i have the new cab support, floor, kick panel, inner rocker, lower A pillar, and lower door done on the passenger side. Unfortunately, I am also a novice. The cutting out part is not so bad, shaping the replacement parts to match your cuts and welding them in without warping the steel is the tough part. 71RestoRod is also very knowledgable on this topic, you may want to ask him as well.
    Step one is to measure everything so the shop has a reference when welding in the new steel. Then, take the door off. Remove the outer rocker. The rocker is spot welded to the inner rocker which is kind of a downward extension of the floor. I used my 4" grinder to grind through the spot welds. The outer rocker is also spot welded to the inner rocker at the bottom of the inner rocker where it meets the rocker box. You will need to break those welds also. Since I was replacing the inner rocker as well I just pulled the outer rocker up and down until the welds at the bottom broke. You will need to grind the spot welds at the front of the outer rocker at the A pillar and at the back of the rocker as well. leave the inner rocker in as a guide for later. Next, cut out the floor. I used my 4" grinder with a cutoff wheel to do the trick. The floor is spot welded to a support under the cab that the rocker box is attached to above the frame and it is also spot welded to the cab support that runs from the support I just montioned to the A pillar. Ripping the floor off of these supports is a chore because of all the spot welds. You may need to replace your cab support also as it is a typical rust spot on our blazers. Then i cut out my kick panel where it was rusted and the lower a pillar support as well. I cut these with a sawzall from the outside. If you replace the lower A pillar, make sure you cut below the lower door hinge mount.
    You may want to leave the inner rocker in so the shop has something to match the new floor up to.
    I think that just about covers it. I was somewhat confused but when the replacement parts arrive and you can hold them next to your floor you will begin to see how it all goes together.
    Oh yeah, I cut my rocker boxes out long before doing any of this. I have heard everything you mentioned can be done from the top without cutting out the rocker boxes but i think it would be much tougher to leave them in.
    Good Luck, and let me kow if you have any other questions. Once again, I am definitely no expert and there may be other methods that are more logical than mine, Im just trying to help.
    Don't let the project overwhelm you, once you get the outer rocker off things become a little more clear.

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