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    My friend told me of a propaine kit that you can get for $700 (?) that converts my gas engine to run on propaine/ gas selectiable threw a togle swich. I was wondering how this worked and if it was worth doing. Are there any major problems, or complications with doing this? I know nothing about it so any info would be great. My freind said you get better gas mileage off the propaine and the propaine is cheaper. Plus it would allow me to pass emishions, not that it really worries me.
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    My Blazer had a propane kit for many years. It's very reliable, but you'll get LOWER mileage and less power. The benefit is that propane is still much cheaper than gas, so that's where you save money.

    We ended up selling the kit because the tank was huge (55 gals) and left no cargo space and the propane prices went up in my country to the point that there was no benefit over gasoline.

    If you do get one, make sure you get one with an external filler, or you'll be smelling propane everyday.

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    The propane kits were very popular here for a number of years. But the cost of it was 1/5th the price of gasoline.
    Power seems to drop 20 to 30% and mileage does the same. Thats fine when the stuff is cheap, but now propane sells for almost as much as gas. You can pick up a propane system here for next to nothing...but why?

    Rene(propane is for forklifts [​IMG])

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    If you build your engine for propane, then you won't see any
    loss in power, maybe a touch in economy (&lt; 10%). Dual fuel
    systems were always iffy, but can be made to work. I'm
    going straight propane on my Blazer. Propane prices have
    really climbed here recently too, but is still about 20% cheaper
    than regular octane fuel. Given the advantages of propane
    (burns super clean, better emissions, etc.) I'll stick with LPG
    even if the price ends up matching mid-grade octane (after
    that I may look to track down a diesel engine to replace it).


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    I might be able to shed some light on the propane usage in vehicles. I have been running propane on most of my vehicles all of my life. It (with the right system) will get a little better mileage than gasoline. There are pro's and con's to running propane. If you are in an area where propane is used for other purposes it is usually quite a lot cheaper than gasoline. It has more octane than gasoline. Your engine will run much cleaner on propane. The only bad part about propane is the Tank taking up allot of room. Propane just does not give a vehicle quite as much power as gasoline. Availability is the key--where can you get propane pumped into your vehicle? If it is readilly available, the tanks used are nearly twice to three times the capacity of gasoline---that means you can go a LOOOOONG way between fillups.

    The best system I have found is the Impco 425 carb for propane. Then you must have a Regulator to convert the liquid propane to a gas and also cut down the pressure to the carb. The switch just turns off the gas and turns on the propane. If you are running anything with a computer you need to get with a propane dealer and get the proper modifications so your computer will handle the propane burning. As far as cost of equipment to put it on a vehicle, the tank is the most expensive item. The Impco 425's run around $125.00, your Regulator wil run around $100.00, and lockoff valves for propane and gasoline run in the neighborhood of $35.00 each. Switch and wiring--just a single pole double throw switch $3.00 and some wire. Another expense is the high pressure hose from the tank to the lockoff--to regulator--$1.50 per foot. Tanks run from $400.00 down.

    It will make your vehicle run smoother, cleaner and in most parts of the country for 1/2 the cost. I have seen many people put on a system and pay for it in 4-6 fillups of fuel. There is definitely a plus there!!

    If I can answer any more questions--e-mail me at

    k5woody---I Don't Understand The Jeep Thing Either!!

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