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    with all the emissions testing inspection crap that has been brought up lately, i'm going to pour some serious time into learning all about propane conversions... how cool will it be to go to the inspection place and tell the chump there to lick my hog, and suggest a better spot to stick the sniffer probe since my s%$* is exempt?

    anybody find a good place to purchase these kits?

    there was a post about this before but a search turned up nothing interesting....

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    I'm really planning on doing this, though i'll probably get it a lot cheaper than regular Joe in the US (gonna get it in Mexico) so the cost is about $350 for tank and conversion. from seeing it on other boards probably double that (not sure though.) This is what I'll get--pretty big tank (don't know size), pump, lines to carb, carb conversion, switch (to switch from gas to propane if need be) and install. there is an article on the pirate boards, i think in the "projects" that'll give you the low down on a lot of it.

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    Don't limit yourself to truck boards. I know there was a guy by the name of Igor that was in Canada, who had/has a 455 Olds running on propane. Might even be able to search for him on yahoo. Think it was in an 80's Delta 88.

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    there is quite a few guys running propane up around where I live and it is not exactly cheap to buy the kit. However you do get what you pay for.

    As far a dual fuel, I would stay away from it without MPFI as the motor doesn't run too well when switching over unless you run one fuel totally dry before switching. This doesn't seem to be a problem with MPFI vehicles as the fuel is introduced at the injectors and therefore is not puddling in the intake.

    You will loose power and mileage with propane, there is no way around that. You can however run a motor of up to about 10:1 on propane and it will be quite happy. If in your area propane is quite a bit cheaper than gas it is a good deal. I had a shop truck on propane and at that time propane was about 16 cents a liter. Now it is about 50 cents a liter. Gasoline is only 59.9 cents a liter right now and I would get more power and better mileage so it acually costs more to run propane that gas.

    Also in the cold it really sucks to start your truck. Propane is stored as a liquid in the tank and when it is released to the mixer it becomes a gas again and it get really cold, this is why your mixer has engine coolant running through it to keep it warm enought to prevent it from freezing up. However in the cold I have had to pour boiling water over the mixer to get the damn thing started more than once.

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    Well, here in the Netherlands, almost every Chevy runs on propane. This is mainly because of the extreem petrol prises. Over here it is called LPG. They all say it is Liquid Petrol Gas, just to put you on the wrong foot. It is Liquified Propane Gas. You can fill up at almost every fuelstation here.

    As I like to think that us Dutch are the experts at these convertions I thought I put a little in here. The thing about the MPFI is true, but it is not a problem on a carberated engine. If you run out of propane (and you will all the time as the lever indicator stays full all the time and then drop in a minute or 2) you switch over to petrol. Switching back to propane you have to run it dry, like it was said. Just keep in mind that you must never try to run on both. It can blow up your engine.

    Also, keep in mind that there are 2 systems. The cheap one uses a simple metal ring in the intake of your carb or TBI. It simply lets the engine suck in gas with the air. Using this system your power output drops like rock. Do not ever try to do a trafic light drag then. You'll lose. But if it is just for the exhaust test, and run on petrol for the rest you'll be fine.

    But the second system is best. This replaces the aircleaner with a computer controlled mixing system. I will not get into details, but the only company that makes those for US made V8's (mind you, in the Netherlands) is IMPCO. Now I have a system like this (and soon Lana will have too). It works so well that it will actualy increase your power. I get a massive 450 horsepower out of my 350, now try to top that. 0-60 I do in about 7 seconds. Faster then those new Ford F150's. Fun if anyone tries though.

    But there are cons to the system. 1. you need to have that huge tank somewhere. In the back is safe but you'll lose the space. You could build 2 tanks under the rig. Left and right of the driveshaft is lots of space. But if you do rock crawling I would not even want to go into that.

    Hope this helps.

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