protest turned bad!!!

Discussion in 'North Region' started by darkshadow, Mar 9, 2005.

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    there was this protest by farmers today they all drove tractors to queens park, the provintal buildings to tru to get some money because they are on the verge of falure, ect ect.

    so there plan way to drive 100's of tractor to toronto from many different directions ON THE HIGHWAYS, blocking the 2 fast lanes, with there convoy.

    all routes were to be efected. go way to get attention, even if most would be more pissed at you then wanting to suport you but that aside.

    well it seems that as the protest at queens park was wraping up, some guy in a rental van, doused him self and the van with gas AND SET HIM SELF ABLAZE.

    there were lots of cops on hand because of the protest, and for some reson firefighters too, because they said they got the hose on him fast smashed the window and cops and the perimedics yanked him still on fire out and threw him on the ground as they were spraying him with water!!!

    and the guy lived, hes in hospital with burns no less.

    it is unknowen why he did it or if it has anything to do with the farmers protest.

    messes up around here lately.

    last week some nut bar threw his 5 year old girl off a brigde on to the 404 HWY, then jumped over killing himself, the girl lived but is in critacal condition, aparently he did it to get back at his EX.

    messed up messed up.

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