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    I wrote this as a reply to a thread I was reading, but then decided that it was something I would like to say to the board in general.

    I would like to throw this in here as a safety precaution.

    It is very important that things like u-bolts and lug nuts stay tight but you can overdo it.

    A bolt it designed to have a certain strength when tightened to a specific torque. When you tighten a bolt past it's recomended torque you begin to stretch it and diminish its strength. This can be very serious when dealing with suspension components.

    Please whenever possible take a few extra minuets and observe torque specs.

    I know its frustrating when you tighten up a u-bolt and by the time you get to the end of your driveway its loose again but that dosn't mean you need to break out the 10 foot long breaker bar and apply 6 million foot pounds of torque to make it stay.

    There are many various locking devices and chemical compounds to keep our bolts tight. Please use technology, not brute dumb force.

    People who like to drive big trucks and modify our own suspensions are always facing an uphill battle, we don't need to give any extra ammunition to the "big trucks and backyard mechanics are dangerous" crowd.

    *climbs off soapbox*

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