PSC pump only or also need hydro assist?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Ned Kelly, Feb 25, 2007.

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    I've got a '89 Burb 1/2 ton to which I'm swapping my 1 ton drivetrain and 39.5 TSL's. Turning the tires on my K30 was straining the stock pump (K30 had the factory hydro-boost brakes - which will also go into the Burb).

    Anyways, to help with steering, I am thinking of getting a PSC pump with boosted psi and boosted flow. I don't want to run hydro-assist if not necessary. I am going to use ORD's ps box frame bracket to help prevent the Burb's frame from cracking. I think this should be enough. I know hydro-assist would help take pressure of the frame near the ps box, but I don't want to go this route unless REALLY necessary. I mostly do mud,snow, dd. No rock.

    My questions are.....
    I should be ok with just the PSC pump upgrade to turn those tires?
    The 1/2 ton frame should be ok with just the ORD brace?

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