Pulled a Jeep on my first outing since modding

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Judd, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Well folks, this was the first time I've wheeled the Blazer since adding-
    1. zero rate
    2. Ford shock towers and cheap Gabriel shocks
    3. winch and bumper
    4. new grill
    5. newly modded dash with 2 5/8 gageing for water temp, tranny temp, oil pressure and voltmeter
    6. Modded the AC condensor into my tranny cooler and used my old aftermarket tranny cooler as my power steering cooler.
    7. Four generic KCs on the front bumper

    The previous shocks were nowhere near long enough, they actually were almost maxed on up-travel just sitting level. I now have a crapload of new found down travel and gained a smidge of up travel due to the new shocks and shock towers. The rear is now my weak spot, hardly any travel. I have to get around to getting the Ford 59 inch springs I have in the rear and rigging up some new shock mount back there also.

    The Blazer had been my daily driver for around 5-6 years untill I sold my CJ5 a while back. I'm know slowly turning the Blazer into a decent wheeler.

    In any event,,,,, I pulled a newer TJ out of a bad stuck. I had to tie the Blazer off to a tree to keep it from being dragged while winching the TJ. Poor feller didn't have a winch and was out there with his girlfriend.

    They were out there for a couple of hours when I drove up. He was a happy camper, especially when all I asked for as far as payment was to have copies of the picture the girlfriend was taking as I pulled the TJ out. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    Also met a few local wheelers with mostly GM rides.

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