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    I have an 84 blazer. I just "finished" rebuilding my e350, it has a scat 9000 crank in it now, and it was setup to be a 383 stroker.

    my problem is that the pulley belts dont line up correctly. For instance, the alternator belt, which goes around the alternater water pump and crank, lines up fine between the water pump and alternater, but between the crank, it is crooked. After using a bunch of washers to space things out, I cam to the conclusion the the crank pulley needs to be spaced about 3/8" forward.

    I heard from one person that its not that uncommon, and that i could go to a machine shop and have a spacer machined to put between the damepener and the pulley, but at that point, I would need to get a longer dampener bolt, because now it would need to be at least 3/8" longer than stock.

    The other option that I heard was to find a pulley that is 3/8" deeper than the one I currently have.

    i'm worried about getting a longer bolt, because I am not sure if I trust the pick-a-nut brand grade 8 bolts, especially at 65-70 ft lbs., which would be the brand of bolt that i know of that makes bolts at the length I need. (it might even be grade 5)

    has anyone seen various depths of pulleys?

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