q jet spiewing gas from every possible place- stuck float valve?

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    hopped in the truck and headed down the street only to have er stall out and not restart. when i popped the hood the carb was dripping gas from every possible place it could. finally got it started and back to my house where it died again- dripping gas again. what could cause this? my only guess is the float valve stuck and the sucker just kept filling up with gas. time for a rebuild/forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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    Pull the top off and pop the primary rods out. Pull the gasket off G E N T L Y and set it aside.

    Look down at your float hanger. If you lift it up, with the float attached, you will see your fuel inlet needle. It hangs off of your foat by a little spring. Check out item #239 in this diagram: <a target="_blank" href=http://www.dorianyeager.com/cccqjetdiagram.html> Quadrajet Digram </a>

    Many times you will find a small piece of garbage in the seat that this needle sits in. I have had this happen after putting too much teflon tape on a fuel fitting ... little piece of tape gets in there and buggers it all up. You should be able to just blow it out after you remove your fuel filter. But you will get fuel all over everything.

    If you have the time then a $20 rebuild kit would give you all your small parts and gaskets to replace while you are in there.

    Have fun!

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