Qjet idle solenoid voltage

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    I've got an '85 350 with a Quadrajet on it. I don't know if it is original. The idle solenoid quit working. I don't have voltage from the harness(when the key is on.) I put 12 v. across the solenoid and it barely wiggles. Usually it would pop out with an audible click. The harness in the truck is suspect. It was rewired before I bought it. Does anyone know what voltage should be applied to the solenoid in a properly working system?

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    I think you should be getting 12 to 15 volts.
    Heres what my manual says about the ISS:
    1 Turn ign. on, but dont start engine

    2. Open throttle to let the plunger extend

    3. disconnect the wire at the solenoid. The plunger should drop back from the throttle lever. If not, back out the hex screw 1 full turn and repeat this test.

    4.Connect the solenoid wire. The plunger should move out and contact the throttle lever.

    5.If the plunger does not move in and out as the wire is connected and disconected or you can move it in and out with light finger pressure. Check the voltage across the feed wire.
    A. If the voltage is 12 to 15 volts replace the solenoid, it is bad.

    B.If the voltage is low check the solenoid feed wire for an open circut. Repair wire as necessary.

    Well thats about all my service manual says about it . Hope it helps.

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