Question about D60 locking hubs

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    I purchased a set of Warn Premium Locking Hubs from someone on the "other board" for my Dana 60. It fit the splines on the stub shaft and the splines on the inside of the bering hub, BUT, the splined gear that is pushed in/out for locking/unlocking has an inside diameter that is smaller than the snap ring on the end of the stub axle. So, it won't spring out far enough to disengage, it gets stuck behind the snap ring. I compared it to the regular Warn hubs I use to have on it, and sure enough, the set up is different and the hole in the center of that floating splined gear is large enough to pass over the snap ring. I used the old guts and the new Premium covers (geez, what a scam Warn has going there!)

    My question is, what the heck are these hubs off of? Are there 2 different D60 set ups? Could this be off a Dodge or Ford? The guy told me he was running a GM D60, but unless GM had 2 differentr D60 set ups, I doubt it. Did he swap the guts with a D44 or 10 Bolt? Any ideas here? Anyone run into this before? Anyone wanna buy these!? /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif


    Eric M.

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