Question about left rear shock mount.

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    Last week I discovered a large crack in my left rear shock mount on my '90 Jimmy. I assumed it would last for a while since it has not been off road. Not so, it broke while driving on flat pavement. I was shocked to find that the local Chevy dealer had the mount in stock and was $10.00.

    What I would like to know is, how were the mounts held in place from the factory? The stock shock mount had 6 holes in it. There were two rivets in the front two hole, a bolt in one middle hole and nothing in the last two holes,the entire back half of the mount. If this is how they came from the factory, no wonder so many of them brake when the stresses of heavy tires, wheels, and stiff shocks are used.

    When the new mount was installed, we were able to get three bolts in the holes, and then welded it to the frame. Hope this holds.


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    i noticed the same with mine, i welded it 3yrs ago and still is going strong!

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    How were the shock mount studs mounted on your '90? I noticed on some of the later 80's trucks of our body style, that GM finally realized the problem of the nut/bolt arrangement where the shock actually bolts to. On the newer trucks, that stud is pressed in, I assume probably a much tighter fit so it won't loosen up. IMO most of the trucks lose that mount because the shock stud loosens up, and allows the shock to constantly hammer it until it either breaks off the frame, or, in my old '83's case, extensively elongates the hole.

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