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    Alright I've been fooling with my "new"(just got it a couple of weeks ago) 83 Blazer and have come across some problems.

    1) My reverse lights will not work. I've narrowed it down to being a bad and/or unpluged back up switch. Problem is I can find where it would be. I did find plug on the top side of the transmission close to the shifter with no wires in it but can't figure out what it's purpose is. btw I have a manual trans.

    2) The wiring coming from the underside of the truck going to the transfer case shifter has a plug with nothing to hook up to it. I'm assuming that would be for the 4wd light in the dash but not sure how that would wire up either. I wouldn't mind having that work again also.

    3) My last question for now involves swapping guages or better yet adding new ones. My Blazer only has warning lights in the left 4 guage locations. I was searching the archives and like some of the custom work done on instrument panels and would like to do something similar also. I would assume I am going to need guages with sending units since I don't have an oil pressure, water temp, etc guage. Can some one give me a few good choices to go with?

    I managed to pick up a really good looking mostly stock Blazer but one of the previous owners really hacked up the electrical system and the emissions components.

    Thanks in advance...

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