R.I.P. snowblower...!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by diesel4me, Mar 14, 2005.

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    I wish I had a digital camera--you guys would love to see this one I bet!--our last storm yesterday dumped 6+ inches of heavy wet snow,almost slush--I plowed it this morning,and I could tell how heavy it was,it made my truck go sideways much easier than the 12+ inches of powdery type snow from other storms we got--this stuff kills plows,frames,and especially snowblowers!--after clogging the discharge shute about 10 times in five minites,I unclogged it,started it up,and it was still jammed up,so I figured if I held it wide open for a few seconds it would unclog itself like it usually does--and I had applied some liquid car wax to the chute to help prevent clogging--

    Well--it revved up some,but the centrifical clutch it has (just like a mini-bikes) was slipping due to the clog--I goosed it a few more times,it starts moving--then--KLUNK!--I saw the clutch disspear into the snow,which immediately melted for 6 inches all around it--I thought it simply fell off--WRONG!--it still had the crankshaft inside it,the crank snapped off flush with the block!:eek1: :eek: :doah: :yikes: :angry1: --motor still purrs like a kitten!--but no place to put the clutch back on anymore--useless!!--5 HP Tecumseh is JUNK if you cant harness those ponies!!(anyone have a use for a good running 5 hp motor you cant put pulleys or sprockets on anymore?)--I snapped a few power mower cranks off and broken blocks in two hitting hidden stumps and rocks(a clothesline post claimed the block!)--but NEVER have I snapped a crank off on a horizontal shaft motor!!-I have worked on small engines for decades,and have had motors with bent cranks I have simply hammered back into staightness--but never had one break off before!:blush:

    I have a spare motor or two,but I'm tired of fixing this antique POS any more--it sucks ,unless the snow is powdery,your pissin in the wind with this thing--the shovel is faster and usually less work--after pulling the cord 90 times to start it,and wrestling it around,I feel worse than I do after shovelling!--thank Christ spring is almost here--but we are bracing for more snow friday or saturday,I hope not because I have concert tickets at a place 100 miles away--I dont feel like driving that far in crappy weather!!...:mad: :frown1:

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