Raised fuel tank after body lift

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    I put on a 2" body lift, and a new poly fuel tank during the resto. I noticed afterwards, it would be wise to raise the fuel tank a couple inches to help departure angles. It was easy to do by bolting a couple pieces of 2" C-channel steel to the inside of the frame rails. This gave a new higher "lip" for the tank to rest against instead of the frame rails. If you use long bolts going through the whole C-channel on each end of the tank flanges, they will keep the tank from sliding front to back. It worked well with a poly tank, because the tank could be squished a little to push it past the frame rails and into position. I shortened the straps 4 inches and bolted everything up. It looks really good from the back. All you see is a little of the tank, and a lot of the axle. May want to consider if you are doing a frame off resto (Robin) since it would be really easy when the body is off. JT

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