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    I have my factory 31-gallon tank drooping right now while I install my ORD shack flip. Question: is there any easy/cheap way to mount the tank and skid plate higher up? Seems like with my ORD 1" body lift, it could go 1.5 or 2" higher without rubbing the body.

    Anyone done this without buying a new high-end tank or fabbing (i cant weld!!) something wacky? I tried searching old posts but sorted through about 100 of them b4 I threw my hands into the air and decided to just post the question. ;)

    can anyone help? =)


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    Get a 25 gallon tank cus they are 2" shorter,LOL
    you would have to cut the crossmembers to allow for the tank to move up higher. then adjust the tank straps for the same amount.
    you could take your sawzall and cut one of the crossmebers out , move it up to where you need it and then bolt it backinto place by plating the 'member on both sides, and placing some desent size bolts in it. cut the other 'member and move it up the same, and repeat the plating/bolting technic. Just my .02

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