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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mtn. burb, Aug 8, 2005.

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    May 13, 2004
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    Did a job walk on a concrete pour for Wed., at the HUMMER dealer in Van Nuys.Small place, but the #1 dealer in sales in the country. Made friends with the Gen.Mgr., nice guy. hey sell a ton of H2's yet only 4 H1"s a year. That surprised me. Got to check out the new Alpha H1. Nice.

    They gave me a bunch of Hummer owner magazines....check this out! :haha:

    Hummer Adventures Fall 2003

    New HUMMER owners experience their trucks off-road.

    Paragon Adventure Park, Hazelton, Penn.


    "Like all offroading events organized by The HUMMER Club, Inc. AM Genral and GM HUMMER service support were on hand as well as local dealership support. A crew of about 30, including a service team from Scott HUMMER of Emmanus, Penn. is poised to check out and repair trucks as neccessary."
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    My wifes Uncle has an H2 he went on one of those things in Moab, brought back videos for me to watch a "real off road truck in action" then I showed him my video of the same trail ( fins and things) all the really steep shelfs had ramps on them put there by the trail crew to prevent body damage. Also showed him my video going up an obstactle he told me had never been climbed, I don't know what they tell those poeple but some of them sure do have big egos. By the way he hasn't so much as said hi to me since then LOL :haha:
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    I miss the H1's. It took me years to finally like them as civilian vehicles, then they faded away as H2's were produced. I haven't seen a civilian version in literally years, except for one that some broadway company drives around midtown manhattan loaded with skeletons...

    What really is the point of an H2 other than to show off that you have a really expensive car? From what I understand, it's the same as a suburban except for the skin and factory tires...

    I like H1's, and wouldn't mind having one of them... But H2's, I think if I won one in a contest, I'd sell it and use the cash to buy a pickup...

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