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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by XHitman396, Mar 1, 2006.

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    ok so i got this cheap, crappy mp3 player, and it's got 2 problems..

    1) it hooks up into the flash drive, and since it's an mp3 player, it apparently has to have mp3 files to save and play. so my question is how do i convert files to mp3 (for example, some of the songs im trying to get on there are 'Window Media File' and wont play on the mp3 player)??

    2) this is kinda of weird, so it comes with the standard 'ol headphones, but when i plug them in, only one of the sides work. it's not the headphones, because ive hooked them up to othe sources and they work, so does anyone have any tricks to get the headphones to work when they're plugged into the mp3 player.. apparently it's a bad connection somewhere on the plug in thingy, so i was wondering if i could put vaseline or something on it to conduct electricity, but obviously there's a couple reasons why that could fail miserably, or some other tricks to better the connection..

    thanks for your help..
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