"Raptor" Transmissions?????

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    \"Raptor\" Transmissions?????

    Well it happened today, my 700R4 is leaking like hell out of the front seal and i am thinking about just replacing the whole thing. Went to local shops and they want anywhere from 1100 to 1800 dollars. So i started looking online and found the usual, JET and Art Carr, but i came across these people in Lousiana, Performance Automotive and Transmission Center. They make a 700R4 called the "Raptor". They really seem to know what they are doing and there prices are really good for their product. I am going to call them tommorow. Has anyone had experience with these people? There website is http://transmissioncenter.net/ look at there transmissions and let me know what you think. Thanks - Doug Krebs Sorry don't know how to make it a link.

    Doug Krebs
  2. Re: \"Raptor\" Transmissions?????

    Try out Steve Holmes @ BowTie Overdrives for a sturdy, great priced 700R4! You can find them at: http://www.700r4.com

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    I agree with BigBurb,one of the best tranys out there!!
    The best part is that they are prices are great also.If I were to buy another 700r4 I wouldnt consider any one else.
    Luckely my cusin owns a trany shop,I had my 700 rebuilt for $350 with a new converter.


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