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    Jan 31, 2001
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    been doing this for a long time, and just wondering if anybody else tried it
    when i spray paint a small object, such as the diff cover, i set it inside a cooler, and stick a 60 watt light bulb in the cooler, and close the lid, and make a small bake oven to cure the paint, and it seems to hold up pretty good. welded together a wrought iron pot rack for the wife, and used a large cardboard box as teh oven and a heat gun and a light bulb for the heat source. ussed the gun to raise the temp inside real quick, then shut it off and left the bulb on for about an hour. just watch for fire when using the gun
    makes a great looking fairly hard finish, pretty quick

    It needs a bigger motor.
    what's in it now?
    doen't matter it NEEDS A BIGGER MOTOR
    89 350tbi/700r4h/np208/4.11's

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